Born the only girl of four children, my life started out as a tom-boy, but what a woman I’ve turned out to be!!

My life has been an exciting journey; a journey that hasn’t neared completion. If so, I can honestly say, this world owes me nothing, because I’ve lived it and enjoyed it the way it was intended to be. Being that I know who holds my future and I trust in his unchanging hand the end will leave me in a better place for my home is in heaven.

*Primary education – Bessemer(AL) School System
*Secondary Education – Virginia College (class of 2004)…..yeah, I finally finished a degree for ME!
*I have a very small circle of “friends”. I’m very selective of the people I allow in my circle
*I’m the only daughter to my most cherished mother, the favorite grand-child to my 100 year old grand-mother, the sister to three brothers, the aunt to four nieces and three nephews.

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I’m anticipating the birth of my first grand-child. But the thing I’m most proud of are the three daughters I’ve raised. The young ladies I can sit back and smile because I think I’ve done a pretty good job. There are some GREAT mothers in the world, but NONE better than me. **pats self on the back

I have several things in this life to be proud of and the list of things I enjoy is relatively short.

The things I enjoy most are: spending time with my family AND that wonderful “small” group of friends. Sewing, traveling and being romanced. I love to host a good time which consists of a good card game, loads of laughs, good times, good food and “spirits”
But the thing I truly have a passion for is READING. This has been a passion of mine for as far back as I can remember. I have burned several meals, been late or completely forgotten several appointments and shown up for work very sleepy because I stayed up reading. Getting lost in a good book is something I enjoy almost as much as eating a good meal. If you’ve never been lost in a book, you really don’t know what you’ve been missing.

My all-time favorite author is Brenda Jackson. Mrs. Jackson is one of the best romance authors around. She will put a twist on a love story and have you captured. Her love scenes are and happy endings are things that keep me believing in romance and love.

There are tons of other wonderful authors in the world of books and when you find your favorite it’s like having a favorite pair shoes. They’ll never let you down.

The world of reading has come a long way. The days of realizing you don’t have anything to read at midnight and having to jump out of bed to run to Wal-mart for a book are long gone. With the invention of readers, tablets, computers and a pleather of other reading apps, a good book is only a click away.

Happy Reading!!



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  1. Jackie

    Shelia life has been a ride for you. Speaking as friend who has know you for a long time. You have done great things with the cards you are dealt. You deserve the joy that God Haas given you. Three beautiful girl’s……

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