Casey Canyon by S. W. Cannon



In the world of reading, there are tons of told and untold stories. There is a host of new authors being let loose on the scene daily. In my humble opinion, there’s nothing like a good story being told. When you find an author who can make you lose yourself in their story, feel what the characters are feeling, make your pulse rate beat to that of the scenes taking place; when you find those things consider it an honor to let yourself go on the ride.

That’s exactly what has taken place with this next new author. S.W. Cannon is new to the scene and it has been my pleasure to not only edit, but read this book of fiction. With her first novella, I’m proud to say this young, African American, female has done her thing!! And yes, I’m looking forward to more to come.

The author has delved into a plot not readily spoken of on the street…..The life and love of a police officer. Not often do we read about things that go on behind the scene of a cop. Yes, we know they’re putting their lives on the lines to protect and serve, but how many times do we get to witness firsthand the lives they live before and after they have on the uniform and have the badge in plain sight.

The story takes place right here in Alabama. The lead character, Officer Casey Canyon, is caught between a rock and a hard place on the job as well as in his personal life. He seems to be torn between right and wrong as well as between the TWO loves of his life, Meredith and Sam.  But as life continues on its course, Officer Canyon is forced to make decisions beyond his control. Sometimes when we don’t do what needs to be done, it’ll be done for us. Because Officer Canyon has an ego the size of Mount Rushmore, he thinks he has time to do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. Life doesn’t seem to play fair when he’s forced to make decisions both on and off the job.

Love triangles are messy and when you’re one of the points in this triangle, you’re bound to be bounced around one too many times. Somebody’s gotta win, Somebody’s gotta lose…..Officer Canyon has to decide.

Do right, Do wrong……….I’m sure that’s easier said than done. Sometimes we’re forced into situations beyond our control……….Officer Canyon has to decide.

The author puts a few twists and turns in the book as well as a few surprises so be fairly warned.

This book would get my recommendation as an item that needs to be placed on your reading list. This author is going places and quick. Don’t be left out.  She and her work are going to be the topic of discussion in reading circles everywhere…..soon.

Congratulations to this New Author, S.W. Cannon! My prayers of much success are being asked in your favor!!!

To keep up with Ms. Cannon, go to

Happy Reading!!!!!


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