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Covenant by Brandon Massey


Covenant by Brandon Massey

This book was the topic of discussion for this month with In The Company of 12.  Lively is just one word I would use to describe the book and the discussion.

The book takes place in Atlanta, GA and in the midst of the rise of Mega Churches in this country, the book was very well written and developed. The story line was something any reader could follow and believe. The characters were people you would think are your average next door people. (Well, I hope I DON’T anybody like at least one character in the book)
The book starts out with a regular day of fishing with a father and teen aged son.  Out of nowhere the father is shot and left to die in his sons arms. Leaving behind to mourn his death are the son, a teen daughter and a wife.
This family must go on to learn to live without the beloved dad and sports writer by trade.
The son, Anthony, goes on to become a young man. Finishes college, and becomes a husband. On the anniversary of his father’s death, several years later he’s confronted by a stranger who wants to help him solve the mystery behind his father’s death. The story leads you on a fast paced journey of “who done it”? Just when you think you have it all figured out, up jumps another piece of information which makes you second guess your first guess.
The characters are so well developed you can’t help but wonder how this author came up with this stuff.  He doesn’t leave a stone unturned. Each character plays an integral part in the story. Everybody is somebody. Mr. Massey has a very vivid imagination.
The backdrop for the story is the corruption within a very large Cult-type Mega Church.  I can’t say I’ve had experience with “drinking the kool-aid”, but I’ve known a few people who have gotten so caught up religion and following A MAN that they lose focus on THE MAN.

By the time you’re at the end, you’re left breathing hard and in a hurry to get to the very end because you’re trying to figure it all out.

I would strongly suggest placing this author as well as this book on your reading list. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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