A Generation of Curses by Patricia A. Bridewell & Faatima Albasir-Johnson


A Generation of Curses by Patrica A. Bridewell & Faatima Albasir-Johnson

Being that I’ve never read anything by this author, the title alone captured my attention. So often we as people are overwhelmed by things that are generational. We do it because that’s the way our parents did it or that’s the way Big-Momma did it. Sometimes we have to break away from the stigma that comes along with things of the past. Just because Aunt Betsy made a cake with 6 eggs doesn’t mean Jamesha can’t make the same cake using 5 eggs, but more butter. In the end the cake is just as good.

This story line is a bit deeper than that of a recipe. The story is really based on the relationship of a married couple; Malcom & Khadesia.
Khadesia is plagued by her past: A past which includes several generations of “black widow” women. For generations, she was led to believe that as far back as her great grand-mother, have killed their husbands. This foolishness followed her into adult-hood and speculations that not only did she kill her first husband, but took the life of an abusive boyfriend.
Malcom is the second son to a very prominent pastor of a large local church. He was brought up to believe that if his father said so, it had to be the truth. Just because his father had beliefs of one kind – he should follow in those beliefs. Nobody goes against the head matriarch of a family, right?
When Khadesia faces her past and releases her demons and fears to her husband Malcom and he does the same………….they both realize things of the past can’t always be brought into the future, especially if they’re going to have a healthy, spirit filled relationship.

The author was very descriptive and stuck with the story line. There were other characters in the book which helped bring the story to life, but not so many that you would get confused. Her knowledge of and use of scriptures was well placed.

I can’t say I would give this book a rave review, but it was a good read. It kept you interested enough to finish because you kept wanting to know what would happen next. I think my interest was tickled because I could see a lot of the things going on in the book……….going on in my own family.
(Don’t shake your head at my family, shake your own family tree)

To keep up with both authors, check them out here: http://www.patriciabridewell.com/ and http://www.faatimaalbasirjohnson.com/

Checkout an interview with them here.

Happy Reading!!


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