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A Generation of Curses by Patricia A. Bridewell & Faatima Albasir-Johnson


A Generation of Curses by Patrica A. Bridewell & Faatima Albasir-Johnson

Being that I’ve never read anything by this author, the title alone captured my attention. So often we as people are overwhelmed by things that are generational. We do it because that’s the way our parents did it or that’s the way Big-Momma did it. Sometimes we have to break away from the stigma that comes along with things of the past. Just because Aunt Betsy made a cake with 6 eggs doesn’t mean Jamesha can’t make the same cake using 5 eggs, but more butter. In the end the cake is just as good.

This story line is a bit deeper than that of a recipe. The story is really based on the relationship of a married couple; Malcom & Khadesia.
Khadesia is plagued by her past: A past which includes several generations of “black widow” women. For generations, she was led to believe that as far back as her great grand-mother, have killed their husbands. This foolishness followed her into adult-hood and speculations that not only did she kill her first husband, but took the life of an abusive boyfriend.
Malcom is the second son to a very prominent pastor of a large local church. He was brought up to believe that if his father said so, it had to be the truth. Just because his father had beliefs of one kind – he should follow in those beliefs. Nobody goes against the head matriarch of a family, right?
When Khadesia faces her past and releases her demons and fears to her husband Malcom and he does the same………….they both realize things of the past can’t always be brought into the future, especially if they’re going to have a healthy, spirit filled relationship.

The author was very descriptive and stuck with the story line. There were other characters in the book which helped bring the story to life, but not so many that you would get confused. Her knowledge of and use of scriptures was well placed.

I can’t say I would give this book a rave review, but it was a good read. It kept you interested enough to finish because you kept wanting to know what would happen next. I think my interest was tickled because I could see a lot of the things going on in the book……….going on in my own family.
(Don’t shake your head at my family, shake your own family tree)

To keep up with both authors, check them out here: and

Checkout an interview with them here.

Happy Reading!!


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That Was Then, This Is Now by Curtis Bunn


This author has to be one of the best kept secrets of all time. His imagination and gift of storytelling is one to be reckoned with.

I was first introduced to Mr. Bunn in 2007 during my first attendance of the annual National Book Club Conference.  ( His love for reading and writing was evident for those in attendance.

Have you ever been going on with your day to day life only to have the rug snatched from under you and the world as you knew it is never to be the same. This book was personal to me on so many levels. The way I tell my story is different because this one is told from a mans side of the spectrum.

In this work of fiction, Curtis tells a love story from a male point of view. It was hard for me to understand a lot of emotions that took place, yet when I finished reading it, I was compelled to believe that when a man loves, he loves hard and long……just like a woman (they just share their emotions differently).

Larry, Julian and Greg are described in detail and each have a story of their own. But it’s Julian whose life is thrown for a tail spin. It’s Julian’s story that brought me to tears.

With a plot filled with raw emotion, you can’t help but feel what the author was trying to portray.

Page after page, you find yourself drawn into “what’s going to happen next”. The author never lets you down, because he had something special packed into this book.  He poured his heart and soul into the writing.

Among the love, laughter and tears, you walk away with a conviction like non-other. You walk away knowing there is a higher power. You walk away with a new sense of love from the male perspective.

It is my recommendation that you not only read this book, but the many other works of Curtis Bunn.

To keep up with Curtis Bunn, check him out here:

Happy Reading!!

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The Perfect Marriage by Kimberla Lawson Roby

images (4)

It’s amazing what goes on behind closed doors – especially when those doors are “married doors”.

People will only show you what they want you to see and if they want you to think they’re living the perfect life – that’s the picture they’ll paint.

But, as Miss. Kim has portrayed in this book, a coat of paint will only hide the cracked ceiling for so long.

The Perfect Marriage was a blend of happiness AND sadness. But it’s also filled with a lot of hope.

Denise and Derrek Shaw were the perfect couple (Paint). They were both hard working, loving, dedicated and devoted to their only daughter, McKenzie (Paint). They both had powerful careers. They were loved and respected by their family, friends, coworkers and peers (Paint).

Denise worked long hours at a grueling job, so she occasionally used prescription drugs to help cope with her hectic life (paint). Derrek was also under pressure at work so he started using cocain occasionally (Paint).

The ceiling paint starts to peel when the daughter can no longer with the façade life the family is living. When the plaster and paint peels from the wall, those walls start to crack…thus making the picture no longer perfect.

Will these two finally own up to the fact that they have a problem, one more serious than the ugly picture they’re living in? or, will they let the thing that matters suffer more than she should have to…McKenzie?

Sometimes the perfect marriage is not so perfect. But “perfect” in whose eyes?

A wonderfully written book….one that will make you look at your own life in a different light.

Wonderfully written. Thanks Miss Kim!!

To keep up with Kimberla Lawson Roby, check out:

Happy Reading!!

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The Good House by Tananarive Due


I’m the proud member of a book club from Birmingham, AL (In The Company of 12). These ladies and I have had some powerful discussions over the years. This book comes to mind when I think back on some of the GREAT discussions we’ve had. Reading 12 different genre’s per year, we find it sometimes difficult to come up with something good, great and wonderful for us all to agree upon. This book won hands down. By the time we finished reading it, we were all scared and were left with memories from one scene or another. My heart is beating fast, just remembering some of the stuff that happened.

Tananarive Due is best known as a “Sci-Fi” author. I think she should be jailed for some of the stuff she writes about AND makes you, the reader, believe. I mean, something this twisted has to be going on inside her head to come up with this stuff, right? The images she conjures up are so vivid, you actually lose your breath.

The story unfolds as the main character, Angela Toussaint, is willed a house left to her by her grandmother. The house is located in Sacajawea, Washington. The house is such a landmark the town’s people call it “The Good House”. Something happened in the house such a long time ago, it’s ancient history. But history has a way of becoming future.

Angela’s son, Corey mysteriously dies at this house two years ago, and she swore she would never return. But she realizes she can’t go on with her life without knowing what happened to her son. Angela will have to go beyond the grave to unravel the truth about Corey’s death.

Family secrets and lies will have to be told and relived in order to uncover the truth about Corey’s untimely death.

Angela’s grandmother was an African American woman who was known to have “powers” supposedly put a spell on the entire town several centuries ago. Could Corey’s death have had something to do with those powers? Could Angela’s grandmother be trying to tell her something from the grave? These questions are answered as you dive into reading this book.

This book is not for the faint at heart. “The Good House” will leave you haunted as a chill reader for a long time. From beginning to end you’ll have to draw your own conclusion and it’s sure to be a chilling one.

To keep up with Tananarive Due, check out:

Happy Reading!!

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A House Divided by Kimberla Lawson Roby


When I saw  that Kimberla Lawson Roby had written yet, another book featuring the likes of The Reverend Curtis Black, I thought “here we go again”. But because I’m a fan, I couldn’t help but be drawn into it. In true Roby fashion, she didn’t let me down.

If you are a member of the real world, your life has been touched by the things Mrs. Roby writes about in the “Black Series”, including church corruption, drug and gambling addictions, infidelity, social status, single motherhood, infertility, sibling rivalry, jealousy, domestic violence, sexual abuse, mental illness, care-giving of a parent, racial and gender discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment, overweight issues, and the list goes on and on.

In this latest release, we find that the only son of the great reverend Black (Matthew)is faced with being a teen aged parent and has had a child out of wedlock with his teen aged girlfriend (Racquel).

Jealousy consumes the third wife of the great reverend (Charlotte) and things spiral out of control and downhill fast.

Charlotte is ruthless and vindictive! She’s the perfect example of how a First Lady should NOT behave. (or any other woman for that matter). She does what she feels she has to do in order to protect what she thinks in her warped mind is hers.

Curtis, who has done a complete 180 since we were first introduced to us, has learned to love the wife he has and is now trying to live the life he should have been living all along.

They say the chip doesn’t fly far from the stump which means these PK’s (Preacher’s Kids) are within hands reach. Each of Curtis’ children are tainted because of his devious behavior.

If you’ve never read one of the books in the series, I suggest you start from the beginning with “Casting The First Stone”  you will not be disappointed.

To keep up with Kimberla Lawson Roby, check her out here:

Happy Reading!!

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