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The Turning Point by Francis Ray


Have you ever reached a “turning point” in your life? We all have. If you haven’t yet, you will. The turning point usually comes when it’s least expected. In this story, Mrs. Francis Ray tells the story of when the main characters (Lilly and Adam) reach the turning point in their lives. It just so happens that the turning point for them both is each other.

Lilly is desperate to escape her abusive husband. She’s so desperate to leave….she files for divorce and leave with practically the clothes on her back and the almost broken down vehicle she was driving.

Life had thrown a curve ball in Adams life by leaving him blind due to a car- jacking attempt. His once vibrant life stopped because now he’s left very bitter.

Mrs. Ray brings these characters together letting them both find the love and happiness they both deserve and desire. They’re brought together by chance. Who would have thought that Lilly’s car would have quit on her in the small Louisiana town, in the middle of nowhere? As chance would have it, she’s discovered by Adams mother who sees something in Lilly. She sees the kindness that her son needs. Lilly needs a job……..Adam needs a caregiver. They both have something the other needs. As the story unfolds, these characters reach the turning point of their lives by getting what they both need….each other.

The book is chocked full of everyday life, yet Mrs. Ray puts a spin on the setting, the characters and her descriptions of each has the reader lost in a time of life, love and happiness.

Just when you think you want to give up – the God’s of Love prevail and the two give into their destiny.

This is one of the earlier works of Mrs. Ray. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

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Brenda Jackson………..


However many books she’s written, that’s how many I’ve read (and believe me, there are several). As long as she publishes them – she’ll have at least one fan: ME!

My favorite series would have to be the Madaris Family Saga. Mrs. Brenda starts from the beginning of a family and continues down the long family line until she has each and every one madly in love with the least susceptible character and married only to live happily ever after.

Starting the saga are three of the most handsome men known to woman-kind. They’re rich, powerful, loving, kind and will fight for true love. Each brother (Justin, Dex & Clayton) is different yet cut from the same cloth. They believe in true love, happily ever after and will kill a dead tree about the loves of their life (now what woman doesn’t want that). And did I mention she describes each as having bodies that should be outlawed in the great state of Texas…….or anywhere else?

images (3)

TONIGHT AND FOREVER (Justin’s love story)

images (2)

 WHISPERED PROMISES (Dex’s love story)

images (1)

ETERNALLY YOURS (Clayton’s love story)

What’s the old saying……….. Misery loves company? Well, in this case – Cupids bow is taking aim at everybody’s heart.

I don’t know how Mrs. Brenda comes up with so many different ways to talk about love or how she continues to draw you in with her descriptive imagination of a love scene…but she does.  There’s never a dull moment with her stories.  I’ve been so captivated, I’ve had to walk away. If you don’t believe me – try it for yourself.

If you’re not a true romantic, such as myself, you will be once you get captured by the love stories of Mrs. Brenda Jackson. ( Some of her stories have made me a continued believer of true romance.

Happy Reading!!!

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Before the Dawn by Beverly Jenkins


If you’ve never read anything written by this author, you’re truly in for a treat.

Ms. Jenkins takes us back in time and weaves a LOT of TRUE African American History into her stories.

As with many of Ms. Jenkins’ stories, she combines characters with history and in the end, you have a love story that makes you wish you were a part of that history. Her descriptions are so real, in your mind you can actually see smoke from log cabins, wars being fought, dirt being kicked up as covered wagons go down dirt paths. And we won’t mention the way she describes a love scene will make you………..feel like you’re there. I’ve always heard that there’s nothing new under the sun, well the way she describes a love scene, it makes you realize just how long men and women have been giving each other pleasure in every sense of the word.

In this story, the main characters are Leah and Ryder. They’re brought together by a common denominator which just happens to be a relative. Without giving too much of the story away I’ll just say, when it’s time for soul mates to meet and real love to be unleashed, nothing will stop it from coming to be.

The love of these two people was destined to be. Nothing could stop it. Not even the fight that they both put up. Both characters were stubborn to a fault. But not even that could stop what was destined to be.

Not only did the characters have to fight with their own stubbornness, they had to deal with issues of their past.

As with the past of most, there were a lot of lies and mysteries that were being uncovered in each chapter.

To the very end you find yourself trying to uncover the mystery of “who did it” to fighting for them to finally get together and STAY together.

To Book Lovers – I would totally add this book to my “suggested reading” list.

To Ms. Jenkins – Please keep up the good work.

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the Man in 3B by Carl Weber


Written in true Carl Weber fashion, this tale was a page turner from front to back. There was never a dull moment. The book was filled with colorful characters as well as continuous twists and turns that you never see coming.

You would find yourself getting lost in your favorite character……..not necessarily the main character. You get lost in them because we all either have known, currently know or hope to know one of these people during our lifetime. These people were “real”.

The story is true to the saying “it’s a small world” and how Mr. Weber connects the characters to one another is simply short of amazing.

Even if you’ve never lived in an apartment complex, you can vividly imagine these characters in your head.

This is actually a love story with a twist. I was shocked at the end for the simple fact that it ended.

Mr. Weber, I can see this book taking on a part two. Are you going to write the 2nd part?\

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